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Membership Update 27th March 2020

From Gordon Fielden

Membership Director 

Dear Members,


First and foremost, we sincerely hope that you are all well in this very difficult time, God willing we will all get through this together. As we all make adjustments to our lifestyle and restrictions placed upon us all, we want to make sure that you are able to communicate with the club and your fellow members. Over the past days, our administration staff have been working from home, however some of the logistics in doing so are taking longer to put in place than we were originally planned. At the moment you are able to email the office staff and they will respond to queries. Hopefully by Monday, the telephone system adjustments will have been completed and our administration staff will be able to receive your calls as per normal even though they are working from home.


We know many of you will be self-isolating who are in the high risk group, and would like to know if you are having difficulties during this period, and if so, we will try and assist if possible reaching out to others who may live near you and can help if you do not have others to assist you. Also, we are well aware that there are members within the club who work in healthcare and our sincere appreciation and thanks go to you for the hard work that you are doing in this crisis.


I would also like to remind members that the renewal date for membership has been extended to 15th April, because of the lateness of the renewal notices going out this year. I am pleased to report that renewals are coming in at a steady pace, despite the difficulties and restrictions placed upon us all.


Also, and importantly if you are having difficulties paying your subscriptions because of the current crisis, please contact myself and we will discuss this sympathetically on a case by case bases and find a solution. But please contact us, everything will be treated in the strictest confidence. The welfare of the club is in its membership and without its membership we would not have a club, and that is why it is important that we maintain our fantastic warmth and camaraderie in these unprecedented times.


As of Monday, the 30th March, John Dale the newly appointed Manager will join the administration workforce and taking up his position which was left vacant since Laura left the club last year. It is important to recognise that during this period Jill and Sandra worked very hard and our sincere thanks go to the pair of them for bridging this gap.


I am also pleased to report that our head greenkeeper, and the green keeping staff are using this opportunity to get a lot of additional work done that would not have been able to be carried out, and he is confident that the course will be in fantastic condition upon our return.


Lastly, I want to reassure all members that the board is doing everything within its power to minimise the effect on the club because of this national emergency and the restrictions placed upon us all. Hopefully at the end of this three-week period, will be able to evaluate, analyse and deal with any significant issues at our next emergency-committee meeting that will be convened after this period ends.


So please stay safe & best regards.


Gordon Fielden

Membership Director


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