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Green Director Update 23rd April 2020

Dear Members,



I hope through this very challenging time, you and your families remain safe and well.

I would like to give you an update as to how we are working, in practice and work scheduling.




First and foremost is the duty of care to our staff, to that end please let me assure you that we are and will continue to take and follow our Government and Industry guidance as to staff welfare and necessary course maintenance scheduling.

All our Greens Staff are members of The British and International Green Keepers Association  (BIGGA), and personally get direct advice from them.

Bryn, James, Tim, Phil, and Jake have been assured by the Board that we are committed to meet their, and their family’s income continuity under full pay.

Bryn and I have advised them that in the near future there may be a need to furlough some of the team with the same financial assurances above.

They are all comfortable with this position but would prefer to be on the course. Bryn has given them all new work scheduling which takes into consideration safe distancing and new timings that work for them and their families.

The Chairman’s Report was also clear in stating that our Financial planning will need, by necessity, to consider our position going forward, depending on how the Covid-19 timeframes unfold, and further Government advice.

These forward Financial decisions are predicated and greatly helped by our Members support in paying your membership fees as soon as possible, to that end the Greens Staff and myself thank you.

We have also provided our staff with Sanitiser products gloves and an equipment protocol for cleaning down. Social distancing is being observed and mess room rotations have been adopted, the Club House is used to social distance whilst breaks are taken.




I would also take this opportunity to thank my Greens Committee for the work and time given over the past year and through these difficult times.

I very much look forward to what we can achieve this year.

The Committee comprises of Bryn Preece, Dave Trotman, Andy Hyde, Dave Higgs, Tim Lavender (co-opted adviser), and the current Club Captain (by invitation).



As alluded to above the Maintenance Schedule is operating to Sustainable Greenkeeping levels. You will appreciate that Bryn and the team have high standards for the course and will do all that is required to maintain it to levels that are acceptable to Government and Industry advice.




We cannot procure new turf to repair and complete the new Eco Bunkers on 8,14 & 17. But fully expect to complete this work when suppliers can deliver.




We have created a new path surface from the 15th tee to green and repaired the walk off from 16th green left-hand side where unsafe old sleepers had been. This has made use of material we had in stock from last year and created much needed space within the Greens compound.

We have numerous areas of Tree shaping, which we have put on hold, as this requires outside contractors. All other tree work was completed prior to lock down.

I will conclude on course by saying that the team find it very strange going about their daily work schedule with no members on the course, they have enormous pride in what they deliver, it may not look fantastic in all areas but they are committed to giving you back a very good Golf Course. They have asked me to pass on their thanks for supporting them, the club and their families.




We have very clear bold signage at the club entrance to inform the public that the course is closed and further put heavy chains across the entrance to deter entry for any reason.The exit is also secured pre and post the Green Staff working hours.We further police the course through the day by having a working visible presence

These measures seem to have dissuaded the public from using it as a park.



Most of our budget cost lines are fixed, however we have managed to give our Finance Director some tangible savings, along with Lease and HP holidays for our equipment based on an extended time frame at the back end.


Thank you for your support, it’s your Club and with your continued Financial support the Greens Committee and Greens Staff will have a secure financial footing to keep on delivering the standard of Golf Course you have been used to. We remain very positive in achieving this.


I will leave you with the optimism, that the Germans are always first with the Towel on the Sun Lounger, now they are first at opening their Golf Courses!

Let’s hope we follow soon.


Good luck to all, stay safe.


Steve Dunn

Greens Director