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Mid-Week Early Swindle Registration

Register by 22:00 the day before swindle

The Mid-Week (Early) swindle is run on Wednesday's & Friday's. Any Wrotham Heath member is welcome to play with a club handicap

Mid-Week Swindle Registration
The date you want to play (Wed or Friday)

Please note the new restrictions that apply to members who are in the tier 2 lockdown in London & live a London Borough's

Any member who lives in the GLA London, Essex, Slough Berkshire area is now in Tier 2 lockdown. You have act as if you were in the Tier 2 area whilst at the club, therefore you must not enter or use the club house or Marquee. You may use the outside facilities, but avoid seating with people who aren't tier 2 unless there living with you or in your nominated bubble.

If you have any problems just email Gordon or call Lenny