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Data storage and retention policy

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Wrotham Heath Golf Club Ltd is committed to the correct treatment of personal data. The Data Protection Officer must ensure that all data is stored safely and that it is kept for the appropriate amount of time. To enable this Wrotham Heath follows the following guidelines…

Data Storage
 Staff computers, laptops and mobile devices have active password protection. Staff log off at the end of each working day and passwords are changed every four months.
 Paper documents containing personal data are kept in locked cabinets.
 Contracts with external processors are kept in locked cabinets.
 Competition processors, such as Match Managers, will be asked to follow these guidelines.

Personal Data Retention/Removal

Historical personal data/documents will be securely destroyed after a set period of time…
 Membership applications are kept for the duration of the membership or for one year if invitation to interview does not come to fruition.
 Resigned Member’s personal data will be deleted/removed from the Club records when the member leaves with only their name, joining date and resignation date being retained. This will be kept for seven years.
 A list of past Society names will be kept for a period of seven years, but this will not include any names or contact details.
 All obsolete and draft paperwork is shredded.
Email Storage and Removal
 If an email is not needed then it is deleted straight away
 Emails are stored in active in-boxes for one year
 Emails which are older than one year are securely archived for another six years and are then permanently erased.

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