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Membership Application Form

Wrotham Heath Golf Club Membership

Membership numbers are limited by the Club’s Article of Association to a maximum of 500 hundred seven & five day members. 

The club also requires every new applicant to attend an interview either at the club or virtually online. At the interview you will given a presentation and details about the club and its local rules. Questions will be asked on background, golfing etiquette, and of course all applicants must have played at the club before being interviewed. (If you have not played because of the covid-19 restrictions, we will arrange for you play after the interview).

Whilst not absolutely essential, it is alway advisable to be proposed and seconded by at existing member of the club

Note: Members who are in their probation period cannot propose or second you.

The online application form

All sections must be completed, if you do not have a WHS handicap, indicate your playing level in the additional information, and any other history that would assist in your application.


Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Please upload a passport sized picture of yourself, this can be done easily using a smartphone or other digital device with a selfie. Format that be uploaded are as follow: jpg, tiff, jpeg, png, giff, eps, pdf Max Size = 65 Mb


The new World Handicap System was introduced on the 2/11/2020
Please enter the name of the WHGC Member who is proposing your application. (note that no members who are in their probation period can propose a new member)
Please enter the name of the WHGC Member who is Seconding your application.
By submitting this application you are formally applying for membership at Wrotham Heath Golf Limited and agreed to abide by the Articles of Association, Club Policies and By Laws of the Club.